Priority Access

Furarchiver will always be free of charge for you, however it's not free to run this service for me. Renting terabytes worth of storage, dedicated connections, and investing my free time is costing quite a lot. If you like to support this project, you can become my patron. As a bonus for your support, you can get prioritized access to the service.
As an alternative, you can donate using various cryptocurrencies (see About page for addresses)

There are multiple tiers available

5 €
Once per day you can add an artist to the download queue even if the queue is full. This feature is activated automatically when needed, and resets at midnight UTC.

10 €
Once per day you can make an artist more likely to be selected for downloads. You can pick any artist that's currently in the pending download list. This raises the chance for the file download picker to select your artist up to 50% of the time, and resets at midnight UTC. After that you can pick another artist. Your priority selection is automatically cleared when an artist completes.
This also includes the features from the 5 € tier.

If you're interested, simply go to for more information.

Note: To not impact free users too much I may limit how many people can have each offered tier, or limit how often you can activate your benefits. In any case I would inform supporters on patreon and give them enough time to unsubscribe if they wish.