Furarchiver is a web service that allows you to download content from Furaffinity by artist, including content that is no longer available on the site because the artist deleted it, or because the entire account was wiped. Furarchiver itself does not connect to Furaffinity directly, instead it piggybacks off another service that is difficult to reach and use.

Service structure

For those that prefer dry diagrams made in visio over a text description.

Network diagram explaining the infrastructure visually

I only run the furarchiver part of this. Considering that I'm not a god (yet), I cannot fix the other services if they have problems.


This doesn't requires a lot of explanation. If you're here you know exactly what it is.

The Backend

What is simply named "the backend" on this site is the service that collects files from furaffinity and just dumps them into a folder. There is no way to search for content or download in bulk. It doesn't tries to fix invalid file names either, and sometimes partially cuts them off, which is annoying because this eats up the file name extension and now you have to guess the file type. It's only accessible via Tor hidden service, and it's unknown how exactly it gets content from furaffinity. I do not know who runs the service or how you would be able to contact them if the service is down. The service frequently is very slow or drops connections due to the instability of hidden services. Hidden services have multiple nodes between you and the service (5 or more) that are often run by individuals, and if any single of them goes away your connection drops.
It looks like the backend is not actually monitored in any way, and outages spanning multiple weeks have happened multiple times since I've been running this archiver. Those outages are the prime reason for furarchiver to exist.


Tor (The onion router) is a network of participants that route data for you in a way so no single node knows the start and end of a connection at the same time. A special program is required to access and use this network. Because some nodes are run by individuals or are not always online, your connection can occasionally get dropped. This can make downloading stuff over it annoying if the downloading program is not written in such a way that it can deal with these issues. Additionally, your download speed is limited to the upload speed of the slowest node, and this upload speed is shared across other connections currently being routed over said node.


Furarchiver (this website) tries to fix the problems with the backend by providing cached copies of downloaded material. It also contains a gallery viewer and allows zip file downloads. Content that has been downloaded over this service will stay available indefinitely, even if the backend or Tor is down. For you this means a more reliable service, and faster downloads.
This service only archives requested material. It doesn't constantly checks for new content on the backend by itself.

In case you're familiar with the old downloader, this here is its replacement. The old downloader had various issues such as not continuing the caching process when you close the browser window. It would also bog down the backend when multiple people were using it at the same time to cache new content.
The client side zip generator was taking load off the server, but large galleries could cause memory overflows in the browser on devices with little free memory. The service has grown over time to the point where it's no longer viable to edit, and a complete rewrite was in order.

Financial support

Furarchiver will always be free of charge, and will never show ads. Storing multiple terabytes of data can get expensive. To support Furarchiver, you can use various crypto currencies. As an alternative you can use patreon, which gives you additional features.

Version history

This doesn't shows every single update, just the significant ones. You will not see the version increasing for spelling fixes for example.






Security update


Small improvements and bugfixes


Gallery improvements


Artist scan bugfixes


Artist scan tweaks


Cache improvements


Performance updates


UI updates and scanning tweaks


UI and functionality tweaks


SEO improvements


Various bugfixes


Fix downloader incompatibility


Better error information


Better downloader implementation


More downloader fixes


Fix downloader and directory scan no longer working since latest backend outage


Add fixes for the artist and file name handler


Add 3rd party login


Fix directory scan queue


More improvements


This contains various improvements


This version introduces a new directory scan mechanism that should avoid a proxy response timeout in your browser for big artists. A few UI changes have been made to make Furarchiver easier to use.


This version mostly contains changes not visible to users.


Ya'll horny bastards made it necessary that we add a limit to the queue size. This is to ensure that all pending artists complete in a timely manner. Otherwise people keep adding more artists faster than the system can download them, and you end up with a ton of artists that take ages to download instead of a few that are reasonably fast.


Contact form


Download fixes


General performance and reliability improvements. Only a few visible changes.


Fixed a problem that prevented some files from showing up in the gallery viewer


First update after the big influx of users and tasks


First public version of the new system. Compared to the old system this one brings many major improvements. Versioning has been reset to 1.0 because this uses completely different underlying technology and is a full rewrite from scratch.


You can contact us here

Deleting content

As explained above, furarchiver acts as a cache, and removing content here will not actually delete it at all. This is comparable to destroying a photocopy of a document but not the original. Furarchiver is merely a proxy service. It neither generates nor consumes content. Removing it from this cache would not make it unavailable to people at all.